Basic Hookah Tips and Tricks to Enjoy a Good Smoking Session


Smoking hookah can be a fun pastime. Like anything else, you can improve the experience by using a few tricks and tips. This blog post lists ten tips and tricks for a successful hookah smoking experience. No matter if you are a novice or a seasoned pro, these tips can help you make the most of your next hookah smoking session. Make sure to use the exact amount of tobacco per session. It is easy to overfill your bowl. Spreading shisha tobacco in the bowl is better because it will prevent clogging. It prevents any contents from leaking into the vase.

The hookah tip that we offer you will undoubtedly have the greatest impact on the smoking experience. When you smoke your hookah, you will taste that awful, noxious smell if you use quick-light charcoal. You probably taste more of the charcoal than you have packed into your hookah. The additives in quick light coals are harmful to your health. They also affect the quality and quantity of your hookah session by releasing particles into your bowl.

Instant coals have a higher burning temperature than natural charcoal, resulting in a scorched surface in your bowl minutes after your session. They also prevent the bottom layers from being used, resulting in waste. Coconut coals on the other side burn at a slightly lower temperature. Just enough to keep hookah sessions at a comfortable heat level. You will be able to taste the difference because natural coal is derived from organic matter. It doesn’t produce harmful toxins, or add additives to your smoking session so that you can enjoy full-bodied, natural hookah flavours.

Clean your hookah immediately after each smoking session. The stem, the bottle and the bowl should be thoroughly washed. Smoke from burned tobacco will stain the hookah if it is not cleaned properly. The hookah will taste bad and you won’t be able to enjoy your next smoking session. Always rinse your hose in warm water, and allow it to dry completely before you start smoking again Bong.

Avoid placing your hookah in the direct sun and open air to keep it fresh. Tobacco should be stored in a sealed container away from direct sun. You can mix older tobacco with different flavours that are more recent. The older tobacco will become drier. Keep your shisha, herbal or other ttobaccoin the fridge if you do not smoke every day.

Sometimes, the air flow in your hose can be clogged by too much hookah smoke. Blowing lightly into your hookah hose will help to clear the smoke. A spike is located in the middle of a Vortex bowl. Vortex Bowls have no holes in the bottom, and they hold tobacco juices for longer than other shishas. Vortex bowls can be made out of glass, aaluminium pyrex (silicon), or clay.

Shisha is heated evenly throughout. The shisha fluid is retained for a much longer time and does not get into your hookah. Smoke has a much better smell and taste. The material of the bowl and its thickness must be both high quality.

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